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Nutrition and Weight Loss

Besides looking and feeling great, why is maintaining a healthy weight so important? As multiple scientific studies report, maintaining a healthy weight can help you prevent and control many diseases and unwanted health-related conditions. Carrying extra weight puts you at an increased risk of developing life-threatening conditions, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, breathing problems, and some cancers. This is the main reason your doctors will continue to stress the importance of maintaining a healthy weight. Of course, reducing risk of disease is just one reason to manage a healthy weight—without excess weight, you will look better, feel better and enjoy more boundless energy to appreciate life.

As so many struggle with what foods to eat, portion control and how to prepare healthful meals, the BodyLogicMD of Charlotte is proud to offer Ideal Protein, a results-driven weight loss regimen carefully designed to ensure lasting success. This physician-guided weight loss program incorporates home-cooked meals in conjunction with a wide variety of program (purchased) meals using the Ideal Protein formula. Weekly visits and ongoing support from your health coach ensure your success.

The Ideal Protein Plan

NutritionThe body uses carbohydrates as its first source of energy to keep it running. If there is always a steady supply of carbs, the body will neglect stored fat reserves as a fuel source. Thus the core principle of the Ideal Protein protocol is to deplete the carbohydrate reserves thereby compelling the body into consuming its fat reserves to burn calories as a fuel source.

To encourage the body to burn fat for fuel while maintaining muscle mass at the same time, you supply the body with high quality protein foods. There is where Ideal Protein can help. These foods allow for optimal protein absorption. By protecting muscle mass with the high protein absorption rate, you are assured that your body will continue to burn calories after the dieting phase has been successfully completed.

On top of that as part of the Ideal Protein plan, you will be guided to add nutrient-rich supplements with beneficial nutrients that might otherwise be found in foods that are restricted on the Ideal Protein protocol. These supplements aid in muscle building and electrolyte balance.

Prepared Meals

The quality of protein used in reaching a healthy weight is vital for success. To assist you in attaining your goals without feeling deprived or dissatisfied with your meal choices, Ideal Protein foods contain protein with a very high biological value. Additional conveniences and benefits of these meals include:

  • Individually packaged servings
  • Quick preparation in 10 minutes or less
  • High quality proteins, low in carbs and fats
  • 21 essential amino acids
  • No need for cooking, can be served cold or even frozen if necessary

Ideal Protein at BodyLogicMD of Charlotte

The program begins with an individualized consultation then weekly visits with your weight loss coach are scheduled to monitor progress.

Ongoing support and education to keep the weight off is the second most important part of your weight loss success at BodyLogicMD of Charlotte. One-on-one coaching sessions are included with every plan to help ensure you maintain a stable weight. Long-term success includes education and coaching in mastery of lifestyle changes, such as:

  • Learning to make smarter food choices in everyday life
  • Understanding post-diet living and weight stabilization practices
  • Incorporating physical activity and stress management techniques

Successful weight maintenance involves understanding how the body burns fat; the connection between insulin and weight gain; the best foods suited for healthy weight control and how to properly combine carbohydrates, fats, and proteins—all of which you will learn as part of your journey toward success with Ideal Protein at BodyLogicMD of Charlotte.

Join Dr. Gretchen Reis at BodyLogicMD of Charlotte and the Ideal Protein program for your opportunity to address your weight loss challenge with expert guidance and support. As the recommended weight loss protocol in over 3,000 professional establishments worldwide, now is the time to become one of the thousands of success stories with Ideal Protein.




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  • I was on testosterone shots for a long time, but I never really felt as well as I thought I should have. Dr. Reis found out my estrogen was too high. She helped get that back to normal, changed me to pellet therapy, and really helped me with my diet and exercise. I feel so much more energetic now. My…Read More
  • I can’t believe how much better I feel! Dr. Reis took the time to really figure out how my hormones were out of balance. Now that I’m on testosterone pellets, with the other hormones and supplements, I feel great! My energy is back, my sex drive is much better, and the brain fog is gone. Thank you, Dr. Reis! Kathy…Read More
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