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RG3: Brain Boost

Need a Brain Boost?Thousands, if not millions, of people in the United States have been given a diagnosis of some form of a neurological condition. These issues characteristically arise from inflammation in the nervous system due to toxins, traumatic brain injuries or simply, the aging process. Modern medicine has perpetually told us there is no method to reverse these neurological damages, however, thanks to RG3, individuals living with these troubles may finally receive the help they need to win the battle against neurodegeneration.

What is Neurodegeneration?

The human body has an unfathomable amount of neurons. Neurons are responsible for relaying messages throughout the body to control and manage functions. This is what gives us the characteristics to identify and make us unique. When neurons become diseased or impaired, cognitive function may also begin to weaken. This is commonly due to the neurodegeneration process, which is recognized as the progressive deterioration of the neurons in the brain.

Neurodegeneration may be liable for debilitating mental issues. Stemming from poor concentration and the absence of memory, the consequences of neurodegeneration may lead to life-changing neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

What is RG3?

RG3 was created from an extraction of Panax Ginseng, which is a plant native to Asia. Taken as a compounded nasal spray, Rg3 was formed to inspire healthy brain function in adults by shielding neurons from inflammation and oxidative stress. As a result, RG3 has been discovered to help enhance concentration and cognitive performance due to its neuroprotective qualities. It has also been shown to promote the growth of neurons in the brain – a process called neurogenesis.

Benefits of RG3

Surfacing as an innovative treatment method, RG3 may help people living with neurodegenerative issues improve their quality of life.

Possible health benefits may include:

  • Improved Concentration*
  • Reduced Stress*
  • Boosted Energy Levels*
  • Higher Learning Ability*
  • Mental Clarity*
  • Enhanced Immune Function*

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